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Tech Notes for Accreditation Evidence/Files

Site for MVC's Accreditation Planning 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016.


  1. When creating PDF files:  if you would like to get all the features available, but you only have Adobe Reader installed on your work PC, email the Helpdesk ( and request the upgrade to Adobe Professional for free.  To check what version you have, open any PDF file and read the program’s name at the top of the screen.

  2. How to upload multiple files (at once) to SharePoint:  (you must use Internet Explorer* to do this)
    • go to
    • select your team's folder
    • click the drop-down menu next to upload
    • click on Upload Multiple Documents
    • select the desired documents to upload, then click OK

  3. How to organize multiple files in SharePoint:  watch this short video It shows you how to open SharePoint files using Windows Explorer (for Windows users only and must use Internet Explorer*)

  4. Creating links to Evidence:
    • on your draft document, create a link directly to the URL (link) where the file is located, e.g.,
    • from the URL (link) on step a above, create a PDF file by selecting FILE / SAVE AS (or PRINT) / PDF format and save it to your Evidence folder (see item #1 above if you don't have this option available)


* Apple users: there is an alternative, contact me if interested.