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Service Area Outcomes

Site for the Moreno Valley Assessment Committee (MVAC)


Information about MVC's Service Area Outcomes (SAO).

For the latest information, visit MVC's TracDat site.

 SAO Documents

Draft Student Services assessment template.docxDraft Student Services assessment template12/17/2013 5:04 PM
General Education SLOs.pdfGeneral Education SLOs10/9/2013 12:26 PM
Integrated Strategic Plan.htmlIntegrated Strategic Plan10/9/2013 12:14 PM
Newsletters.htmlNewsletters10/9/2013 11:51 AM
SAO Glossary.htmlSAO Glossary10/9/2013 11:52 AM
SAO Presentation.pdfSAO Presentation10/9/2013 12:30 PM